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Crosses And Squares In Connection With The Line Of Head

Small, sharply-defined crosses in any position just over or touching the
Line of Head are generally signs of accidents to the Head itself.

_Under Jupiter_, they usually are brought about by blows
caused generally by the subject's desire to rule and to be too dogmatic
or tyrannical.

Under Saturn, crosses indicate injuries to the head
from accidents by animals, blows by treachery, mine explosions, etc., and
generally relate to accidents of a treacherous nature.

Under the Mount of the Sun, these crosses have been
found to relate to accidents to the head from sudden falls, such as the
subject striking his head by falling, concussion of the brain, etc.

Under the Mount of Mercury, these sharply defined
crosses relate to injuries to the head due to accidents generally
produced by scientific experiments or some hazardous business venture.

Small defined squares touching the Line of Head, are in
all cases signs of preservation, and they relate to the particular
qualities of the Mount of the hand under which they are found.)

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