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Influence Lines On The Mount Of Venus

These are fine lines that run parallel with the Line of Life, but they must not be confounded with the Line of Mars, or
"Sister Life Line," which commences higher up nearer the Mount of Mars.

These Venus Influence Lines are more often found with those persons who
have what is called the "Venus temperament," or who are intensely
emotional and passionate.

When many of such lines are seen, the subject cannot live without love,
and will have many "affairs" at the same time.

As such an Influence Line runs parallel with the Life Line, or turns away
from it, so it can be judged how long such an influence will last, and
with fair accuracy the date when it will occur.

These Influence Lines, however, never have the same importance or meaning
as those previously ascribed to the Line of Fate.

In my large work on this subject, Cheiro's _Language of the Hand_, I have
been able to go into still greater detail with regard to all these
Influence Lines.

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