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Right And Left Hands

Both the hands should be examined together to see if they accord. When
they do, the indication of whatever the mark is, is more decided.

When something is marked on the left hand and not on the right, the
tendency will be in the nature, but unless it is also marked on the right
hand it will never bear fruit or come to any result. When the two hands
are exactly alike, it denotes that the subject has not developed in any
way from what heredity or Nature gave to him.

It must be remembered that we use the left side of the brain more than we
do the right, and the nerves cross and go to the right hand.
Consequently, it is this hand which denotes the developed or active
brain, the left only giving the natural tendencies or inclinations.

To be scientific and accurate the student of this subject must always
keep this rule before his mind and not be led away in his judgment by
some "marvellously good line" that the subject may proudly call his
attention to in the left hand, for such a mark will have no actual result
unless it is also found on the right hand.

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