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The Mount Of Mars

This Mount has two positions on the palm (Plate VI., Part II.); the first
is to be found immediately under the upper part of the Line of Life, and
the other opposite to it in the space lying between the Line of Heart and
the Line of Head. The first relates to the physical characteristics and
the second to the mental.

The first if large is Positive, and it has more importance when the
person is born between the dates of March 21st and April 21st, and in a
minor way until April 28th, which portion of the year in the Zodiac is
called the House of Mars (Positive).

The second is considered Negative, and it has more importance when the
person is born between October 21st and November 21st, and in a minor way
until November 28th, because in the Zodiac this portion of the year is
denoted as the House of Mars (Negative).

We will now consider the difference of these two positions, how
distinctly they affect the mind and temperament, and also their relation
as to health and tendency towards disease.

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