Different Classes Of Lines

The lines on the palm should be clearly marked, a good pink or reddish

colour, and they should be free from breaks, crosses, holes or

irregularities of all kinds.

When very pale in colour they show lack of force and loss of energy, and

often poor health.

When extremely red they indicate excessive energy and a rather violent


When yellow in colour they denote a tendency to biliousness and liver

complaints, and tell in consequence of a melancholy morose nature.

Forked lines are generally good and increase the quality of the special

indication. When at the end of the Line of Head, the fork gives more of

what is called a dual mentality and less power of concentration on any

one subject.

Spots on a Line weaken it and arrest its growth.

Tasselled Lines are not good signs. They weaken any

indication the line itself denotes, and at the end of a Life Line they

foreshadow loss of all nervous energy.

Wavy Lines show uncertainty, lack of decision and want of


Broken Lines destroy the meaning of the line at the

particular place where the break appears, but if one line ends above the

other, the break is not so bad and the quality of the line will be



Sister Lines increase or double the power of any line, and

when lying close together at the Line of Head, they give it great power

and promise.

Islands are always evil and denote weakness or failure of

the Line or Mount on which they may be found.

Ascending Lines are good from any line from which they

spring. From the Line of Life they denote increased energy wherever they

make their appearance. If they run up to any particular Mount or part of

the hand, they show that the increased effort or energy will be in that

particular direction.

Descending Lines are the reverse and mean loss of power.

Chained Lines show lack of force or fixity of purpose.

When the entire hand is covered with a network of small lines, it denotes

a highly nervous disposition and usually great mental worry and lack of


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