Double Lines Of Fate

When the Line of Fate is itself double, it is a sign of

what is called "a double life," but if, after running side by side for

some length these two lines join or become one, it foretells that "the

double life" has been caused by some great affection, that circumstances

prevented a union, but that the preventing cause will be removed at the

point where these two lines join.

When, however, a double Line of Fate is clearly marked, especially if

they incline towards different mounts of the hand, such a mark indicates

that two careers would be carried out simultaneously--one perhaps as a

hobby and the other as the principal career.

When the Line of Fate is extremely faint or just barely traced through

the palm, it will be found to indicate a general disbelief in the idea of

Fate and Destiny. It is often found on the hands of very materialistic

persons, those who rebel against the idea that they are governed in any

way by Fate or by any power save themselves.

When this is found, and at the same time a good clear Line of Head, such

people will be sure to win success by their mentality alone, but the

details of their destiny will not be able to be told, and one must

content oneself with chiefly describing their characteristics,

peculiarities, etc.

When no Line of Fate whatever is found and only a very ordinary Line of

Head, then there will be nothing very particular to say about the

Destiny; such people, as a rule, lead very colourless lives, nothing

seems to affect them much one way or the other, and they will be found to

have very little purpose to illumine the drab monotony of their


An island is an extremely bad sign to find in the Line of


When found at the very beginning of the line it

indicates some mystery regarding the commencement of such careers, such

as illegitimate birth.


An island, when found on a woman's hand connecting the Fate Line with the

Mount of Venus, is an almost certain indication of her seduction

An island in any part of the Plain of Mars indicates a period of great

difficulty, loss in one's career, and in consequence, generally loss of


An Island on the Fate and Head Lines together means loss also, but more

brought on by the person's own stupidity or lack of intelligence.

An island over the Fate and Heart Lines indicates loss and trouble

connected with affairs of the heart or brought about by the affections.

An island on the Mount of Saturn or towards the end of the Line of Fate

foreshadows that the career will finish in poverty and


When the Line of Fate finishes suddenly with a cross, some great fatality

may be expected, but when the cross is found on the Fate Line and on the

Mount of Saturn, the ending of such a Destiny will be some terrible

tragedy, generally one of public disgrace and public death.

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