Mount Of Mercury Negative Health

These people are more open to mental suggestion as far as health is

concerned than any other class.

If they think they are ill it is quite sufficient that they are so, and

they can become cured in exactly the same manner.

In reality they have excellent constitutions, except when they are ruined

by taking drugs and medicines.

As they always imagine that they have something the matter, they are

invariably the willing prey of quack doctors and every new cure that is


They can hardly pass a chemist's shop without buying something, and if

they sit next to a doctor at a dinner table, they are certain to walk off

with some prescription.

Their greatest fault is that they will persist in talking to everyone of

their supposed ailments or afflictions, for the slightest ache, pain, or

anything that concerns them, has the most exaggerated importance in their


On the contrary, Nature can do more for these people than for any other

class of humanity. Peace of mind, a country life, and plenty of fresh air

will banish all their ills and ailments into oblivion.

But, if badly mated, or living in unhappy surroundings, their health

quickly breaks up, and if they cannot make a change into happier

conditions, then no medicine in all the world can help them.

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