Short Nails

Nails short in appearance denote a tendency towards weak action of the

heart, more especially so when the "moons" are very small or barely

noticeable. When the Nails appear very flat and sunk into the flesh at

the base they denote nerve diseases. When they are "ribbed" across the

Nail from side to side, the danger is still more apparent.

When a deep furrow is found across the Nail, it is a sign in any hand

that an unusual call has recently been made on the nervous system by

illness. If the following rule be studied, the date of this illness or

strain can be very clearly indicated.

As it takes about nine months for a nail to grow out from the base to the

outer edge, the nail can easily be divided into sections. When the furrow

or very deep "rib" is seen close to the edge, the illness took place

about nine months ago; when the furrow is seen about the centre, the date

was about from four to five months, and when at the base, about one month


White spots on the Nails are a sign of general delicacy, and when the

Nail is seen covered with small white flecks, the whole nervous system is

in a low state of health.

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