Signs Relating To Marriage

What is called the Line of Marriage is that mark or marks, as the case

may be, found on the side of the Mount under the fourth finger.

I will first proceed to give all the details possible about these lines,

and then call my reader's attention to the other marks on the hand that

qualify these Lines of Marriage, and further add a wealth of information

regarding them.

The Line, or Lines, of Marriage may be found as very short marks almost

on the very side of the hand, or they may appear as quite long lines

rising from the side of the hand into the face of the Mount of Mercury,

or, in some cases, going farther still into the hand itself.

Only the clearly formed lines relate to marriage, the short ones to deep

affection, or marriage contemplated, but never entered into.

When the deep line is found lying close to the line of Heart, the

marriage will take place early in life, but the other marks I am going to

explain later will give more accurate dates as to when the event will


For a happy marriage the lines on the Mount of Mercury should be

straight and clear, without breaks or irregularities of any kind.


When the Line of Marriage curves or droops downwards (3, Plate XVII.),

the person on whose hand this appears will outlive the other.

When the line turns upward in the reverse direction, the possessor is not

likely ever to marry.

When the line is clear and distinct, but has a lot of little lines

dropping from it, it foreshadows trouble and anxiety in the marriage, but

brought on by the delicacy and ill-health of the partner

When the line has a curve at the end, and if a cross or line be found

cutting into this curve, the partner will die by

accident or a sudden illness of some kind. But when the Marriage Line

ends in a long, gradual curve into the Heart Line, the death of the

partner will come about by gradual ill-health or illness of a very long


When the line has an "island" at the beginning, then the marriage will be

for a long time delayed, and the two persons will be much separated at

the commencement of their married life.

When the "island" is found about the middle of the Marriage Line, some

great trouble and separation will take place about the middle of the

married life.

When the "island" is found towards the end of the line, the marriage will

most probably end in trouble and separation one from the other.

When the Line of Marriage divides into the form of a fork,

the two people will live apart from one another, but when the

fork turns downwards towards the Line of Heart a legal separation may be


When this fork is more accentuated, and turns down more into the hand,

divorce may be expected, and especially so if one end of this fork

stretches across the hand in the direction of the Plain of Mars, or the

Mount of Mars.

In many cases a fine line may be found crossing the entire palm, from the

Marriage Line, and in such a case the greatest animosity and bitterness

will enter into the fight for freedom and divorce. In such an example

there is never any hope of reconciliation.

When the Line of Marriage is full of little islands, or linked like the

loops of a chain, the subject should be warned not to marry at any time,

as such a union would be full of the greatest unhappiness and continual


When the line, which is otherwise well marked, appears about the centre

to break in two, it foreshadows a fatality or break-up in an otherwise

happy married life.

When the Line of Marriage itself, or an offshoot from it, goes into the

hand, and joins or ascends upward with the Line of Sun, it promises that

its possessor will marry some one of great wealth or distinction.

When this above-mentioned line bends downward and cuts the Line of Sun,

it denotes that the person on whose hand it is found will lose his

position by the marriage he will make.

When any line from the top of the Mount of Mercury falls down into the

Marriage Line, it shows that there will be great obstacles to overcome in

whatever marriage the subject enters, but if the Line of Marriage is a

good one, then such obstacles will be overcome.

When there is another line much slighter in appearance lying close to the

upper side of the Marriage Line, it foretells some influence that will

come into the subject's life after marriage.

All lines that cross the hand from the Mount of Mars,

and rise up towards the Line of Marriage denote the interference of

people with the marriage. These lines give the date of the interference

when they cross the Line of Destiny; they cause quarrels when they come

from Mars; from Venus they also denote annoyances, but not of such a

vindictive nature.

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