The Cross

This sign is the direct opposite to the preceding sign, and has only one

favourable position, viz., on the Mount of Jupiter where it indicates

some extraordinary fortunate affection which will come into the life. On

all the other Mounts it is evil.

On the Mount of Saturn, violent death.

On the Mount of Sun, disappointment in riches.

On the Mount of Mercury, dishonesty.

On the Mount of Mars (under Mercury) great opposition.

On the Mount of Mars (under Jupiter) violence and even death from


On the Mount of the Moon it denotes a fatal influence to the imagination.

Such a man will deceive himself. When low down on this Mount it

foreshadows death by drowning.

On the Mount of Venus it indicates some fatal influence of the


Above the Line of Head it foretells an accident or injury to the head.

Above the Line of Heart, the sudden death of some loved one.

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