The First Mount Of Mars

In the first Mount of Mars, at the commencement of the Line of Life, and

especially when the subject is born in the House of Mars (March 21st to

April 21st, and in a minor way until the 28th), he possesses a strong

martial nature which will make its tendencies manifest in all actions of

the life, whether the man be a business man, a soldier, or a leader of

men in any line whatever.

These subjects are born fighters in every sense of the word. They brook

little or no control in all their affairs; they aspire to be leaders in

whatever career they undertake, and with even average intelligence they

generally become heads of business houses or organisations and take on

large responsibilities.

They have great obstinacy of purpose and determination, they resent all

criticism, they are decided and dogmatic in all their views, and seldom

ask the advice of others, until it is too late to alter their purpose for

good or evil.

They must do everything their own way, and as they always believe their

way is the only right one they resent the slightest interference from

others, and will even turn on their best friend who may attempt to

dissuade them from their plans or purpose.

They can only be handled or managed by kindness, patience, tact, or by

their affections.

The slightest attempt to fight or coerce them will bring them up "in

arms" in a moment. The temper is hasty and explosive, but at the same

time quickly over, and when the storm subsides they bitterly regret the

outburst of passion and the cruel things they may have said in the heat

of the moment.

As a rule these people are good-natured and generous, but spasmodic and

impulsive in all their actions. Their greatest fault lies in their

impulsiveness and lack of self-control, and unless a good Line of Head be

shown on the hands, they rush madly into all kinds of difficulties and

dangers and often make a complete muddle of their opportunities and the

magnificent powers of leadership that they nearly all possess.

These people as a rule are unhappy in their love affairs or domestic

life. They rarely meet women who understand them, and if they are lucky

enough to escape opposition from their wives, they usually meet with it

in their children.

In health they are prone to fevers and blood diseases, especially in

their early life. In youth they are also very liable to fits, epilepsy,

severe headaches, often water on the brain, and suffer greatly with their


In old age they have a grave liability towards apoplexy, vertigo, pains

in the head and softening of the brain, and especially so if on their

hands the Line of Head looks frayed, or made up of little pieces like a


Such people should be advised to cultivate repose self-control, and above

all to avoid wines, spirits, and stimulants of all kinds, to which as a

rule these natures are very much inclined.

They should endeavour to sleep more than any other class, to take more

recreation and exercise in the open air, and above all things to curb

their pride and control their temper.

The higher types of these subjects and those among them who practise

self-restraint, can rise to almost any height in life and do great

things for the benefit of their fellow men.

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