The Line Of Destiny Or Fate

The Line of Destiny, otherwise called the Line of Fate

is naturally one of the most important of the principal lines of the


Although one may never be able to explain why it is, this line

undoubtedly appears to indicate at least the main events of one's career.

It may be found on the hand even at the moment of birth, clearly

indicating the class of Fate or Destiny that lies in the far distant

future before the individual.

In some cases it may look faint or shadowy, as if the path of Destiny

were not yet clearly defined, while in other instances almost every step

of the road is chiselled out with its milestones of failure or success,

sorrow or joy, as the case may be.

That some human beings seem to be more children of Fate than others has

been admitted by almost all thinkers, but why they should be so has been

the great question that baffles all students of such subjects.

There are some who appear to have no Fate, and others who seem to carve

their Destiny from day to day.

I have seen hundreds of cases where every step of the journey was

indicated from childhood to the grave; others where only the principal

changes in the career were marked in advance. There are, again, others

where nothing seemed decided, and where the events indicated by the Line

of Fate appeared to change from year to year.

The why and wherefore of such things may be impossible to fathom, but

there are so many mysteries in Life itself that one more or less does not

seem to matter.

Some of the greatest teachers and philosophers have come to the

conclusion that Fate exists for all. In the 17th Article of Religion in

the Episcopal Church it is stated, and in no uncertain manner, that

"Predestination to life is the everlasting purpose of God." All through

the Bible the Destiny of nations and of men is clearly laid down, and

from the first chapter of Genesis to the last page of Revelation the

trials, tribulations, and pathway of the Jews was prophesied and

predicted ages in advance.

Thousands of years before the birth of Christ, it was foretold in Holy

Writ in what manner He should be born, and in what manner He should die.

It was predicted that a Virgin should conceive and that a Judas should

betray, and that both were necessary "that the Scriptures might be


In more recent ages thousands and thousands of predictions have been

fulfilled, and all point to some mysterious agency that underlies the

purpose of humanity, and that nothing from the smallest to the greatest

is left to blind chance.

It may be that the Soul--in being part of the Universal Soul of all

things--_knows all things_, and so through the instrumentality of the

brain writes its knowledge of the Future in advance.

To the mysteries of the mind there are no limits. Medical science has, in

late years, gone so far as to prove that there must be an advance growth

or change in the brain cells years before action or change in character

become the result of such development. For all we know, every deed in our

careers is the result of some such mental change, and as there are more

super-sensitive nerves from the brain to the hand, it may then follow

that such changes and subsequent actions in our lives may be written in

our hands even long years in advance.

It may be, then, that to all living beings there is a Destiny "that

shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will."

I would, however, humbly suggest that each of us endeavour by knowledge

to find what our Fate may be, and like loyal workmen accept whatever the

task should prove, and so carry it out to the utmost of our ability,

willing to leave the final result to the Master that thought fit to

employ us in the working out of His design.

All such questions as these the student of this subject must settle in

his own mind, for when he or she once broaches this study of Fate, he

will be assailed on all sides, and the student must be prepared to give

"an answer for the faith that is in him."

In studying the hand it will be found that the Line of Fate may rise from

the following distinct positions:

It may rise from and out of the Line of Life, straight

up from the wrist (1-1, Plate XI.), from the Mount of the Moon,

or from the middle of the palm.

The following is the meaning of these principal positions:

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