The Line Of Head On The Seven Types Of Hands

There are seven distinct types of hands, bearing in their own way more or

less relationship to the Seven Races of Humanity.

These seven types of hands are as follows:

I.--The Elementary or Lowest type.

II.--The Square, also called the Useful or Practical.

III.--The Spatulate or Active.

IV.--The Philosophic.

V.--The Conic or Artistic.

VI.--The Psychic or Idealistic.

VII.--The Mixed Hand.

As a rule the Line of Head is generally found in accordance with the type

of hand on which it is seen, namely, lying straight or what is called

"level-headed" on the Square-looking or Practical hand; or sloping, and

thus indicating the more imaginative qualities on the Philosophic, Conic,

or Psychic types.

Consequently, if it be found on a hand in what may be called opposition

to its class, such a Line of Head immediately possesses a greater


For example, if a sloping Line of Mentality were seen on the Square or

Practical hand, it would indicate that though the bases of that man or

woman's thoughts and plans were of the practical kind, yet they possessed

a far greater power of imagination than any casual observer would at

first sight give them credit for.

On the contrary, if the Line of Head were found straight or level on the

Spatulate, Philosophic, Conic, or Psychic types, it would denote that the

person in question was usually level-headed and practical, even in their

highest dreams of philosophy or idealistic creations.

On the Elementary hand the Line of Head is usually found short, straight,

and coarse-looking, often nothing more than a short deep-set furrow.

Consequently, if found long and clear, it would indicate a superior

mental development in a coarse brutal or animal nature.

If in a Square-looking hand the Line of Head were found sloping instead

of long and straight, it would denote an unusual development of the

artistic and imaginative qualities, but always with the practical and

logical basis for its support.

On the Spatulate hand the natural indication of the Line of Head is

long, clear and sloping, but if found straight or level it would indicate

a practical development of the brain endeavouring to set off the active

energy and originality indicated by the Spatulate formation.

On the Philosophic type, the hand of the thinker and philosopher, the

usual position of the Line of Mentality is long and sloping, but if found

straight or level it indicates a mental development of the logical and

practical qualities which might not be expected in such a class or type.

The same rules hold good with the Conic and Psychic, but with what is

called the Mixed type, the best Line of Head to find would be one, long

straight and level-looking, because this class, being a mixture as it

were of all the others, would require a practical or level-headed

mentality to hold its own amid the mixture of tendencies which the last

type personifies.

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