The Line Of Head Or The Indications Of The Mentality

The object of the following chapters is to give clear and unmistakable

instruction on the lines and markings of the hands, both from the

student's standpoint and from that of the general reader. This is not

usually the course adopted in books printed on this subject which have to

appeal to a general public.

During my twenty-five years' professional experience in England, America,

and other countries, I have carefully noted down the questions that are

not answered in books published on this subject. I have also recorded

what are the difficulties that arise in the minds of those students who

meet this, that, or the other mark or line and search in vain for some

explanation as to its meanings. I may add that there is not a single

point on which I give information that has not been proved by me from

probably thousands of cases that have come before me during my own

professional experience.

As regards illustrations, I have endeavoured to make these of the

simplest and clearest kind possible. I have every confidence that if they

are carefully studied, no student can fail to grasp this subject in a

masterful manner, and that whoever acts upon the advice I give in these

pages, cannot fail to become successful as an interpreter of this study.

In all my work I regard the Line of Head or the Line of

Mentality as the most important sign that can be found in the hand.

A Line of Head is like the needle in the compass, without a true

knowledge of which it is impossible to grasp the "direction of the

subject." I have seen more mistakes caused by a lack of grasp of this

point than by anything else.

I have seen, for example, many students make the mistake of paying great

attention to what looked like a good Line of Sun or Success, and, at the

same time, not noticing a weak, badly formed Line of Head, which

contradicted the promise of success given by the various lines. If, on

the other hand, the student had first noticed the Line of Head, he would

have been able to tell the subject that the promise of success was not

backed up by the intelligence or the mentality.

As regards the future being foreshadowed, it has been demonstrated that

the brain is always growing, changing, increasing, or diminishing. These

changes commence years before the effect is shown by the thoughts or

actions of the individual. A boy ten years old may at that point commence

a development which will not be felt until he is thirty, and then it may

change his whole life and career. As this development commences at ten,

even at that age it has affected certain nerves, and they in their turn

have already affected the Line of Head--a full twenty years before the

point of change or action has been reached. It therefore follows that the

future may be seen and told by a careful examination of the hand which,

as Aristotle has said, is the "organ of all organs, the active agent of

the passive powers of the entire system."

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