The Line Of Head Separated From The Line Of Life

The Line of Head is more frequently found connected with than separated

from the Line of Life. When the space is not very wide,

it is an excellent mark to have, giving independence of thought,

quickness of judgment, and a certain mental daring that is invaluable in

fighting the battle of life. When the Line of Head is at the same time

lying fairly straight across the palm, such individuals have an immense

power over others, but their capabilities are always more distinctly

shown if they should in any form go in for some kind of public life.

People possessing this mark are rather less "hard students" than those

with the Line of Head and Line of Life joined together, but they have

such brilliancy and quickness of thought that they seem to see in a flash

that which takes the other class hard work to attain. But these people

with the "open Line of Head" must, above all things, have purpose in

their life. Without purpose they are rather like a ship drifting on an

idle sea. They may spend their life in an aimless way unless "the call"

comes to them or the tide of ambition turns their way and carries them



The same class of line but sloping is the more uncertain of the two

characters, because the person is still more inclined to work only by

moods. If the mood or the desire does not come, such people, although

always brilliant and clever, may often waste their lives doing nothing.

Those people with the Line of Head "open" and ascending slightly upwards

towards or on to the Mental Mount of Mars, are

self-appointed leaders, organizers of any public movement. They will

sacrifice everything, home, affection, and all ties for what they believe

is their public duty in connection with the work that they have


The Line of Head very open and separate from the Line of Life denotes a

character with too little caution or sensitiveness. The

subject will go to the opposite extreme of him with the Line of Head and

Line of Life joined. When the space is very wide it denotes excessive

impetuosity and lack of continuity of purpose, a person who pushes

himself forward on all occasions, a great desire for notoriety and one

continually changing his plans as far as the world is concerned. When

this line is excessively open or separate from the Line of Life, the

brain seems to be an extremely excitable one. The subject suffers greatly

from excessive blood to the head, mental hysteria, sleeplessness, and all

things that affect the brain. If the Line of Head is badly formed with

islands, or a broad line with breaks and hair lines (1-1, Plate IV.), it

is just as much a mark of another form of insanity as the Line of Head

curving downwards at the wrist, but with the line mentioned the type is

inclined to be morbid with a tendency to suicide.

This other Line of Head with islands indicates the character that will be

more likely to be excitable and fly into a temper and kill other people.

A Line of Head not too widely separated and either one end of it

commencing on the Mount of Jupiter, or with its main branch from the

Mount of Jupiter is one of the most brilliant marks of

all. The student must, however, carefully establish this difference of

the Line of Head in his own mind, as well as the termination or the

ending of this line. Once he has these two points firmly established, he

has gained the great keynote to this subject. When once this part is

mastered, he has a sure foundation to work on.

My next remarks will relate to the minor marks and their meaning, and to

islands or breaks on or in the Line of Head.

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