The Line Of Health Or The Hepatica

There has been very considerable discussion among students of this

subject as to the part of the hand on which the Line of Health commences.

My own theory, and one that I have proved by over twenty-five years'

experience and also watching its growth on the hands of children, is,

that it rises at the base of or on the face of the Mount of Mercury, and

as it grows across the hand and attacks the Line of Life, it foreshadows

the development of illness or germ of disease, which, at the date of its

coming in contact with the Line of Life, will reach the climax of its


The Line of Life, it must be remembered, merely relates to the promised

length of life from heredity and natural causes, but the Line of Health

denotes the effect of the class of life the subject has led. Where these

two lines come together, if one is of equal strength to the other, will

be the date of death, even though the Line of Life should pass this point

and appear to be a much greater length.

The Line of Mercury, or of Health, relating as it does to the nervous

system, and also to the mind (Mercury), lends itself to the supposition

that the all-knowing subconscious brain is cognisant, even at an early

age, of the force of resistance in the nervous system. It may know how

long this force will last, when it will be exhausted, and consequently

may mark the hand long years in advance.


The Line of Health is one of the lines of the hand most subject to

changes. It is the thermometer of the life showing its "rise and fall" as

the case may be. I have seen this mysterious line look deep and

threatening during the early years of a life, and completely fade away

as greater health and strength took possession of the body.

Again, I have often seen it look deeper and more ominous as the wear and

tear, especially of the nervous system, began to make itself manifest, or

when the subject over-taxed his mental strength.

Further, it is an excellent sign to be without this line altogether. Its

absence denotes an extremely robust, strong constitution, and a healthy

state of the nervous system.

If a hand has the Line of Health, the best position for it is to lie

straight down the hand, and not approach or touch the Line of Life.

When found crossing the hand, and touching or throwing

branches across to the Line of Life, it foretells that there is some

illness at work which is undermining the health.

If it rises and seems like a branch from the Heart Line, especially if

both these lines are broad in appearance and with the Health Line running

down the palm coming in contact with the Line of Life, it is a certain

indication of weakness or disease of the heart.

The student should always observe the kind of nails there are on the hand

when thinking out the diseases indicated by the Line of Health.

When the finger nails are short, without moons, and round, and the Line

of Health is strongly marked, he may be sure that nervous weak action of

the heart is decidedly threatened.

When the nails are long and almond-shaped, there is danger of weakness

and delicacy of the lungs. With the same shape of nails, and with islands

in the upper part of the Health Line, consumption of the

lungs and tuberculosis will make itself manifest.

When the nails are very flat, and especially shell-shaped

, and the Line of Health is deeply marked, paralysis and the

worst forms of nerve diseases are threatening the subject.

When this line is very red in small spots, especially when pressed,

rheumatic fever is indicated.

When twisted, irregular, and yellowish in colour, the subject will suffer

from biliousness and liver complaints.

When found heavily marked, and only joining the Heart and Head Lines

together, it foreshadows brain-fever, especially when any islands are

marked on the Line of Head.

The Line of Health, running straight down the hand but not touching the

Line of Life, indicates that though the constitution may not be robust,

it is wiry, and there is great reserve resistance to disease.

In connection with the examination of the Line of Health, the student

must always look for other indications to the rest of the lines of the

hand, more especially to the Line of Life and Line of Head. For instance,

when the Line of Life looks very chained and weak, the Health Line on a

hand will naturally increase the danger of delicate health; and when

found with a Line of Head full of little islands, or like a chain, such a

Health Line more clearly foreshadows brain disease, severe headaches,


By a study of this line the most valuable warnings may be given of

approaching ill-health. Whether persons will follow the warnings or not

is a question. My experience is that they do not and will not, and

therefore, whatever is indicated will most probably come to pass.

Providence places many signposts and warnings in our paths, but human

nature is either too blind or too self-confident to notice them until it

is too late.

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