The Line Of Life And Its Variations

The Line of Life is that line which runs round the base of the thumb and

lies directly over a large blood-vessel called the great Palmer Arch.

This blood-vessel is more directly connected with the

heart, stomach, and vital organs which may have given use to its term

"The Vital," as used by the ancients.

It is reasonable to assume that it is this intimate connection with the

vital organs of the body which enables it to foretell the length of life

from _natural causes_.

If the student will bear this in mind it will make clear and plain to him

many difficulties in connection with predictions as to health and

disease, and he will follow more easily the following explanations.

The first rules to master are, that to be normal the Line of Life should

be long, clearly marked, and without any irregularities or breaks of any

kind. Such a formation would indicate length of life, vitality, freedom

from illness, and strength of constitution (1-1, Plate VIII.).

Bearing the first observation in mind it will be noticed that as the Line

of Life represents the stomach and the vital organs, when well marked

the stomach and digestion must necessarily be in a good condition.


When made up of little pieces or linked like a chain, it is a certain

sign of poor health, weak stomach and lack of vitality.

At this point I must ask the most careful attention to the following

rules--which no other book on the subject contains, and which I have not

published in any of my other writings, viz.: as the Line of Life seems

in every sense to be the representative on the hand of the body or trunk

of the man--so the position of these breaks, marks, links, or islands

denotes the portion of the body most affected.

Before we go further I must also impress on the student to grasp the fact

that every line or sign on the hand plays a dual role. By one of their

roles these lines indicate the disease the person is most liable to for

the entire run of the life, and in another role these lines indicate the

date when the illness will reach its greatest gravity.

To explain carefully this strange phenomenon of nature, I have divided

this line into sections, and although I am not

writing on astrology in these pages, yet all believers in that science

may be interested to find how wonderfully these twin sciences agree when

the comparison is pointed out by an impartial observer such as I claim to


In Plate VIII. are shown the Sections of the Line of Life with their

various tendencies divided by the mounts at the base of the fingers. This

will materially assist the student to comprehend their significance and,

together with the influence of the month of birth as set out in the

chapters on the Mounts of the Hand, will enable him to obtain

an accuracy on all matters relating to health, diseases, and dangers to

the life that up till now has never been attained.

We will now proceed to consider the details as regards the Line of Life


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