The Line Of Mars Or Inner Life Line

What is called the Line of Mars is that line that is found only on some

hands encircling the Mount of Venus and inside the Line of Life.

This Line, which rises on the Mount of Mars, from which it derives its

name, when found clear and strong appears to back up and reinforce the

Line of Life. It indicates great vitality, power of

resistance to illness and disease, and is not found on all hands.

It is an excellent sign on the hands of soldiers, or in connection with

all persons who follow a dangerous calling.

All breaks or bad marks indicated on the Line of Life are minimized on

the hands that have this Inner Life Line, or Line of Mars.

As its name implies, in character it denotes a robust and rather fighting

disposition, a person naturally inclined to rush into dangers and

quarrels, and if deeply marked and reddish in colour it increases all

indications of accidents and dangers shown on other parts of the hand.

When a branch seems to shoot off from this line and runs on to the Mount

of Luna, it foreshadows restlessness and an intense

craving for excitement. With a weak-looking Line of Mentality it is a

sure sign of a craving for drink and intemperance of all kinds, and at

the point where it breaks through the Line of Life, it generally

indicates death brought on by the intemperance this mark foreshadows.


It is generally found on short, thick-set square hands or short hands,

but when found on a long, thin, and narrow palm, it indicates great

vitality and resistance to disease, a nervous, highly-strung, and rather

irritable disposition.

Any broken Life Line with this Line of Mars behind it may indicate great

danger of death where the break appears, but a danger that will be

overcome through the vitality indicated by this Inner Life Line or Line

of Mars.

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