The Philosophic Hand

The Philosophic Hand received this name from the

Greek [Greek: philos]--love, and [Greek: sophich]--wisdom. When the

Greeks made a study of hands they noticed that all those persons who

possessed this type had a bent for philosophy in their blood that nothing

could eradicate.


The Philosophic Hand is long, bony, and angular with knotty joints, and

is as a general rule fairly thin. People with this type of hand are

always studious. They are great readers and usually have a strong

tendency towards literature. They love sedentary work, and have a

somewhat lonely, ascetic disposition. Perhaps on account of this quality

they are very often found in church-life, or largely associated with

religious movements. The monks of old, I mean those who compiled those

wonderful manuscripts on doctrine, science, art, alchemy, and occult

matters, all had this class of hand. In our modern times this type may be

easily recognised, and the qualities it expresses remain the same even in

the age of money-getting and machinery.

It is, however, more usual nowadays to find a slight modification of the

true philosophic hand in that of the hand with the palm square and with

the fingers only belonging to the philosophic type. In such cases the

practical nature is a basis or foundation on which the studious mind

builds its theories, its religion, its literary achievements, or its

scientific researches.

As a rule the Line of Head on such hands is rather sloping, but it may

also be found almost straight, and when it is, a more "level-headed"

disposition will make more practical use of the studious nature. But

speaking generally, people with this type of hand rarely accumulate as

much wealth as those possessing the Square Hand.

The knotted or jointed fingers give carefulness and detail in work or

study. They arrest the impulse of the brain, and so acquire time for

thought and reflection.

The Philosophic Hand is one of the highest developments of the mental

side of the human family.

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