The Second Mount Of Mars

The second Mount of Mars, lying between the Heart and Head Line (Plate

VI., Part II.), is more important when the subject is born between the

dates of 21st October and the 21st November and until November 28th. In

the Zodiac this period of the year is called the House of Mars Negative

or Mental.

In character they are the complete opposite of the former type, all the

Mars qualities being in the mind and in the mental attitude towards

people and things.

The latter type are mentally very courageous, and possess _moral courage_

more than physical. They hate to have scenes, or to be mixed up with

physical violence or bloodshed.

They love to fight mentally, however, and in debates or arguments they

also fight to the finish. They are more quietly determined than the

former class of Mars subjects. They are even more obstinate in their

views, but conceal their opinions, and often pass for assenting parties

when in reality they are but waiting for the right opportunity to strike

their "mental blow" and confuse their opponent.

These people make better organisers than leaders, and their mental

martial spirit often finds a splendid field for their talents as the

brain behind an army. In plans, tactics and strategy, in carefully

thought-out stores of ammunitions, provisions, or in financial schemes

that may bring ruin or discomfiture on a more warlike enemy.

When not highly cultivated or developed, they employ cunning and craft

of every description to carry out their plans. They will stop at nothing

to carry out their purpose. They can be the most treacherous and deadly

enemies of all, and poison in opposition to the sword is one of the chief

weapons they most readily employ.

All these Mars Negative people have a mysterious power of magnetism,

which they seem almost unconsciously to use in their dealings with

others. They make natural hypnotists and thought-readers, and have strong

leanings towards occultism and secret societies of all kinds. When on a

highly developed plane, they use these wonderful qualities for the good

of others, especially if they take up the study of medicine or science,

for which work they seem usually well suited.

Mars Negative people are generally so versatile and many-sided that they

are the most difficult of all to place in some special career. If a good

Line of Head be found on the hand, then there is nothing in the world of

mental endeavour in which they will not make a success. It is a curious

fact that these people seldom carry out what they were first trained for,

and in fact in the course of their lives they are likely to change their

profession or vocation as many times as the proverbial cat has lives.

The worst fault of this type is that they are rather too adaptable to

their surroundings and to the people with whom they come in contact. If

they are thrown with evil-minded persons they are inclined to adapt

themselves to their companions and even attempt to "go one better," but

if in contact with good influences they just as rapidly develop the best

that is in them.

Their period of the Zodiac has from time immemorial been symbolised in

their lower development as the figure of a scorpion wounding its own

tail, and in their higher development that of an eagle with its head

pointing upwards to the sky.

Such symbols perfectly illustrate the dual nature of the type under

consideration. In their lower aspect no type can be more vicious or

harmful, even to wounding themselves and bringing about their own

destruction. In their higher form, however, there is probably no class

whose spiritual nature can, like the eagle, soar to such heights or be so

free from earthly ties.

Mars Negative people, especially when young, should above all things be

carefully brought up with good companions. They should be especially

warned to control their sex nature and be kept aloof from all perverse

persons and evil books.

As regards health, this type is usually inclined to be both slight and

delicate in their early years, but generally incline towards corpulency

after passing middle life. Both the men and women have a likelihood of

weakness or illness in the sex organs, especially in youth, also in the

kidneys and the bladder, while in advanced years the stomach and

digestive organs become disordered. All through their lives they should

be most careful and abstemious in their diet.

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