The Smooth And The Knotty Fingers

The First Finger is called the Finger of Jupiter.

The Second is called the Finger of Saturn.

The Third is called the Finger of The Sun.

The Fourth is called the Finger of Mercury.

The Finger of Jupiter, when long, gives love of power and command over

others. When short it denotes dislike of responsibility and lack of


The Finger of Saturn when long gives prudence, love of solitude and a

reserved, studious disposition. When short it denotes frivolity and

general lack of seriousness in all things.

The Finger of the Sun when long gives love of the beautiful, desire for

celebrity and fame, but when excessively long, the tendency inclines more

toward notoriety, risk in speculation, the love of money and gambling.

When short it denotes a dislike of all these things.

The Finger of Mercury when long gives mental power, grasp of languages,

and power of expression, especially in speech. When short it denotes

difficulty in speaking, and in the expression of thoughts. When crooked,

with an irregular Head Line, it is an evil sign of the Mentality.

The fingers should be long in proportion to the palm; they then denote

greater intellectuality and mental power. When short and stubby looking,

the subject is inclined to animalism and gross materialism.

When the fingers lean towards one another, they take after the qualities

expressed by the finger towards which they lean.


A wide space between the thumb and first finger denotes independence of

will and fearlessness.

When wide between the first and second fingers, independence of thought;

between the second and third fingers, independence of circumstances; and

wide between the third and fourth fingers, independence of action.

When the fingers are found loose and inclined to curve backwards, the

subject is "open-minded" and quick to grasp ideas or suggestions. They

will not, however, have the more methodical stick-at-it quality of those

whose fingers are found firm and stiff.

When the fingers are curved inwards, the subject is slower to grasp new

ideas, very cautious, and inclined to hold on to what he knows or what he


Smooth-jointed fingers are more impulsive than those with "knotty

joints". The "knotty joints" arrest the impetuousness of the disposition

and give reflection, love of detail in all their work and are more

frequently found in the hands of all great organisers and those who

require thought and reflection in carrying out their plans.

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