The Square Type

The Square type is so designated on account of the

palm being like a square in shape, or at least nearly so. Such a hand in

fact "looks square." It is rather straight or even at the wrist, at the

base of the fingers, and also at the sides. The fingers themselves also

have a "square-cut" appearance. The thumb is, however, nearly always

long, well-shaped, and set high on the palm, and stands well out from the


The Square Hand is also called the practical or useful hand. People who

possess this type are essentially practical, logical, and rather

materialistic. They belong to the earth and the things of the earth. They

have little imagination or idealism, they are solid, serious workers,

methodical and painstaking in all they do. They believe in things only by

proof and by their reason. They are often religious and even

superstitious, but more from habit than from anything else.

They are determined and obstinate, especially if their thumbs are long

and the first joint stiff.

They succeed in all lines of work that do not require imagination or the

creative faculties, and as business men, lawyers, doctors, scientists,

they do extremely well, and are generally to be found in such callings.

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