The Star The Cross The Square

The Star is with only one exception a most fortunate

mark to possess. On the Mount of Jupiter, the Star promises added honour,

power, and position.

On the Mount of Sun, it gives riches and glory, but generally associated

with a public life.

On the Mount of Mercury, unusual success in commerce, business, science,

or great eloquence, according to other indications of the hand.

On the Mount of Mars under Jupiter, great distinction and celebrity in

martial life or in some one decisive battle, which gives renown to the

rest of the career, like a Wellington at Waterloo.

On the Mount of Mars under Mercury, it gives honour won by the mentality

fighting the battle of life

On the Mount of the Moon it is a sign of great celebrity arising from the

qualities of this Mount, viz., through the imagination or inventive


On the Mount of Venus the Star on the centre of this Mount is also a sign

of success, but in relation to animal magnetism and sensuality it gives

extraordinary success with the opposite sex.

On the Mount of Saturn it is the one unfavourable sign of this

particular mark, and on this Mount it gives distinction, but one to be

dreaded. Such a person will be the plaything of destiny, a man cast for

some terrible part in the tragedy of life. Such a man's life will end in

some terrible disaster, but one which will cause his name to be on

everyone's lips. A king perhaps, but one crowned by doom.


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